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Several years ago I was blessed with an inspired concept... to create a website where people could connect to share their dreams, visions, ideas and desires and release them to the Universe - I felt that by giving people a space, a portal or outlet for release, the Spiritual Laws of Attraction would unfold for those who were holding on to their desires and not full releasing them.

The website I created was called Messages to the Universe (.com) It truly was a whirlwind creation full of inspiration, passion, love and pure connection to Source in all aspects. I felt that by this site being a Divine Inspiration, it would take a life of its own and support those who came across it. I did not expect to encounter the technical issues that were ever-present and caused me to release control of this project. is still up and running, but unfortunately I have not been able to make any modifications or updates to it since March of last year...Yet the site continues to generate viewers and I continue to receive messages from all across the globe - UK, Australia and all across the US - this has been a gift and blessing - to know that the site is still reaching people and offering is service as its intended.

I felt the creation of Messages to the Universe was the birthing of something amazing and powerful and while at the present time I am unable to make the updates to the site, I wanted to let you know this site is still offering its purpose and I am still receiving Messages to he Universe for release...If you would like to be a part of this project, please email me at

Ask - Believe - Trust - Release - Allow

Send your message...Create your Reality...

1.    Write your Message to the Universe - Use any format you desire...Write a letter, a postcard, use a photograph, artwork, poems...whatever inspires you...

2. Email me at - if you prefer to mail your message, please contact me for mailing instructions.

Suggestions for your Message, Letter , Prayer, Intention

I feel that the action of sitting down and creating the message is very organic - Continuing the process of mailing it off is the completion of release. Allowing yourself the freedom to receive.

I had several people inquire how to "write their message" and I wanted to share some suggestions here for those who may also have questions. This is your creation - these are  presented here to share, not as a requirement.

Each message comes from You, Your Heart and Your Dream...

- When you  create your message, be in a clear space in heart and mind.

- When you are creating your message, remember, there is no limitation on what you are asking for/seeking from the Universe...Health, Financial Prosperity, Career Change or New Job,  Love, Wellness / Well-Being or even Forgiveness for yourself  and/or loved ones...Be specific - The Universe has No Limitations - However, remember free-will (we cannot change the outcome of other's lives, only our own).

- Release - Release - Release -

You have given it to the Universe, now allow the Universe to giveback to you.

Trust the process.

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