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 As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I offer a range of services. The services I offer and the work that I do is because of you, the one who is seeking, inquiring and navigating. On this last page I wanted to include some of these services in the event you find a need for them on your pathway.

The practice of my work has always emphasized Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Development as it's core purpose. My intent is to continue serving in this capacity by incorporating elements of service that will bring the most balance and benefit to those who seek my services.

* Spiritual Counseling / Life Coaching

* Spiritual Counseling / Grief & Loss

* Reiki / Energy Healing

* Wedding & Vow Renewal Services

If you have questions or interest in these or any other service I may be able to assist you with, please contact me via email: or phone (828) 280-5635

 Thank you for visiting my  website and I hope you enjoy your stay -

- May your journey be filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Light -

Prayer requests are always welcomed!!

Please email your Personal or Global Prayer Requests via email to

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